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Agent Cums All Over Tattooed Teen

Bella (42 mins) Bella is an 18 year old beautiful brunette who's dream is to become a model. She contacted me and I told her to come to my office so I could help her out. I was very pleased when I met her in person she is so sweet and I could tell that she had a cracking little body. I sat her down and explained to her about how she needed to have modelling experience and would need to got on a course to learn the ropes. She was interested but she didn't have enough money for the course so I let her know about the adult industry. After I explained how much money there was to be made and the opportunities out there she was willing to give it a shot. I told her I needed some naked photos so she stripped off. Her body is amazing and her ass is perfect. After I'd finished taking the photos it was down to business. We fucked hard and I spunked my load all over her silky smooth body.

March 11, 2015
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