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Cute Blonde Keen to Strip on Camera

Nikky (50 mins) Nikky is a cute blonde who is interested in becoming a model! She came to me so I could help her to get work and hopefully earn a lot of money. I explained to her that modelling would be very hard for her to get into but there was something that she could do to earn a lot of cash! She was interested in what I had to say but when I mentioned the adult industry she was a bit surprised. To make it sound more appealing I told her that there were lots of jobs with just masturbating in front of camera, so she was willing to give it a go! I got her to strip down naked and start playing with herself... When she had made herself horny and moved over to her and she was putty in my hands!! We had great sex and I finished off by spunking on her cute face!

November 26, 2014
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