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Redhead With Thick Curvy Ass Make Everything Better

Angela (46 mins) Angela is a beautiful French sweet heart who's in touch with her sexual desires.... She told me that she'd done work in the industry before and that she was looking for new opportunities to get work. Naturally I bullshitted her into believing that I could get her some exotic jobs on some glamourous island and she seemed to be impressed... However, when I went in to put my moves on her things didn't go according to plan at first. She said 'I don't fuck my agent' words that I never want to hear during a casting. After a quick five minutes convincing I had her where I wanted but she said it would be first and last time that she did this for me.... It was worth it she was amazing and I finished up by spunking in her pussy which ate all my sperm. Good day at the office I'd say!

June 1, 2013
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