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Pretty Brunette Bends her Body For Agent's Hard Dick

Nora (38 mins) Nora I'm sure has broken a lot of hearts in her time, strolling in with her petit young body talking about massages, you are driving me crazy woman. This girl had a body to die for and she knew how to bend it in all types of ways. She was eager to please and because of her massage training she was skilled in the arts of arousing men. I couldn't help but think there was a seedy side to her massage business I kept imagining her giving out handjobs on the bench. She was making me hard and especially in this heat she was making me extremely horny. All the time we were talking I was mentally undressing her young tight body and it was almost too much for me. I was patient though and it was worth the wait because when she took off her clothes her body was just as good as the one I'd mentally created... I no longer had to use my imagination so let my johnson do the rest. We fucked until we were both flustered and she finished me off all over her pert young titties... Nora take good care of that sweet ass body, one day i'm sure it will make you a lot of money.

July 28, 2012
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