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Fast Money Makes Brunette Swallow Up Dick

Charlotte (62 mins). Charlotte came to my office looking for a way to help her parents who needed help financially. She was a sweet girl who came from a small village far away and I knew I must have her. She seemed rather nervous and said her hobby was kickboxing. When she undressed her perfect 18 year old body came into view and I immediately stretched my trousers out a foot. Her tits were amazing, firm, robust and flicking gravity the middle finger. These tits weren't going anywhere apart from in peoples faces, yet she didn't seem to realize what an awesome body she had.Wow. She resisted at first even putting her fists up when I first touched her breasts, about to unleash a Bruce Lee ass kicking upon me before I managed to defuse the situation. Soon she understood that if she wanted cash I had to have that gash. Such a pretty pussy coupled with a fabulous set of tits meant I was ready to go. Her blowjob skills left a lot to be desired, she had a small mouth and Jimmy was filling every square millimetre of room. When we did start fucking in doggy, at first it was like watching a silent movie porn film (the oscar winning Con Artist maybe lol). But she soon warmed up to the Jimmy junior stretching her out and was soon riding me like a grand national winner. I got the oil out and lubed her up aplenty and the point of view I got as I fucked her, with her amazing tits jiggling and sparkling n the daylight and her tight pussy clamped around my shaft like the grip of a Titan, was too much for me. I even got to pop in her mouth which is a nice treat. However I don't think a career in porn is for her unless she can relax more, she may be an awesome kick boxer tho so there are other career paths ahead of her. Not that I can help with either one...

April 6, 2012
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