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Tiny Brunette Has A Big Craving For Cum

Vivi (53 mins) This was one interesting day for me. In walks this tiny brunette with an attitude. All feisty and could stand up giving me a blowjob she was so short. But to get that blowjob took some doing. She wanted to be a fashion model but I soon gave her a reality check about her height and said adult work was the way to go. She seemed ok with that and got naked. Her body was so pert and petite and her pussy was wet and inviting. Initially though it seemed like that invite wasn't for me when I tried to touch her tits. She quickly put her clothes back on and stormed out all offended. I was ready to call it a day when just twenty minutes later she calls back. Like everyone she needed the money, or at least the promise of it. So when she came back up I got straight down to business and made her suck my cock. It became very obvious that this was one dirty little princess, especially when I started to fuck her in doggy and she slipped her fingers in her tiny ass hole. What started out as an offended tit touch turned into a hardcore anal session where I pounded her sexy little rump until pulling out and covering it with my jizz. She didn't go home with any money but she certainly went home with a sore, cum soaked bum.

February 16, 2012
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