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Business Woman Has A Meeting With A Cock

Enza (55 mins) When the voluptuous Enza came into my office I thought all my prayers had been answered at once. She was a confident hot brunette who was desperate for someone to satisfy her ever growing needs. All the way through the interview process I was imagining what type of curves she was concealing under that power suit of hers. I'm pretty good when it comes to projecting mental images of girls underneath their clothes, I do it all the time when I'm out shopping. I was surprised that she wanted to work in the adult industry because she was so elegant. Turns out that she wasn't getting enough sex at home, and her husband was neglecting her sexuality which was making her increasingly frustrated. The woman was in desperate need of attention, and I was the guy to give it her. Personally I can't understand her husband, if I had a wife like Enza I be tapping that ass everyday.... What a waste. It will be funny when he goes for a cheeky wank on the internet to find his wife getting fucked my yours truly. When she stripped down naked she left her little boots on which give me an instant hard on. This girl was driving me crazy, I could tell she could go for hours. Even after I'd spunked she continued to play with herself, and I watched as she spasmed with delight.

January 11, 2012
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