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Fitness Instructor's Tight Ass Makes Agent Lose His Mind

Anne (49 mins) Anne the blonde fitness instructor is slim and well built, with butt cheeks you could crack a walnut with. She got my number from one of her friends that I've done business with in the past. I thought it was going to be a bit awkward because, as you can imagine, many of the girls who I've interviewed weren't satisfied with my efforts to get them work after they'd left my office. However, this girl seemed to have heard good things about me, saying that I was 'a really good fucker'. So I put two and two together and realized that this naughty babe just wanted to be serviced, and hey, you know me I'm more that willing to oblige to a horny hot blonde. The interview was quite unnecessary, but we played out the motions anyway. When she stripped down I could tell she was in great shape, and had been practicing her squat thrusts in preparation for the casting. It also meant she could maintain a high intensity level in sex, I mean some girls get worn out to easily but in this case she was like a duracell bunny she could go on and on and on. Her pussy was so tight it was suffocating me, I had to use all my mental tricks to keep me from keeping me bolting my load all up inside her. Thankfully I managed to last through and finished off with a huge cumshot which I got her in the face with from about three feet away... What a shot!

December 30, 2011
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