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Babe With Perfect Set of Tits Satisfies A Big Dick

Rita (66 mins) Two words – tits. This girl had the best natural tits I've seen in a long while. I knew straight away that this interview was going to end up with a slippery tit-wank. But I'm getting ahead of myself, there was still the small issue of convincing her to let me fuck her chest. No worries, I called on the assistance of my translator to help me seal the deal. It's a real turn on for me having a hot translator helping me convince these girls, I have a fantasy that one day that she will join in, but it could ruin the relationship. In my experience when you've been with a woman it can get a bit awkward afterwards. The email this girl sent was simple, she wanted a hardcore career and was looking for a way to break into the porn world. RESULT! After seeing one of my adverts she got in touch, I promised her lots of jobs if she did what I said, and after that it wasn't hard convincing her to get naked. Man, what a treat it was. The sex was great, she was a sweet heart, I couldn't hold back my spunk it sprayed all over her a bit prematurely so I had to persuade her to let me take her to the bedroom for some extra loving. It got quite passionate at the end, I think she actually quite liked me... I doubt she will for much longer when I stop communicating with her...

December 1, 2011
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