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She Gets Cum All Over Her Beautiful Smile

Coleen (37 mins) When I first saw Coleen the first thing that I noticed was her big bright Hollywood smile. She came across very confident and was oozing sex appeal. I could tell that she would be amazing at sucking dick, and I wasn't wrong. First things first though, I needed to convince her that it would be worth her while. The interview seemed to be going quite well, and she looked interested in what I had to say. A couple of times I thought she was younger than 18, so I made sure to double check her ID. Thankfully, she turned out to be 20 so it was game on. There was something in her black eyes that made her look as if she was possessed by some crazy sex demon. Unfortunately, she denied my cock, I couldn't understand it she said she loved sex but wouldn't let me slip it into her. Maybe it's because her girlfriend doesn't want her pussy corrupted by a bendy cock. Anyway, on the plus side I managed to convince her to suck me dry. Once I got my dick out she turned from a sweet and innocent student into a possessed cock vampire, sucking as if her life depended on it. I told her at the end of the interview I wouldn't be able to get her work until she took her chastity belt off and let me penetrate her cock socket... so far I haven't had a response.

November 24, 2011
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