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Cute Blonde Stuffed With Cock

Leyla (42 mins) This cute teen is a hot bit of ass, who was totally worth risking a cheeky fuck behind her boyfriends back. When I opened the door and saw the rugged face of a man I thought, here we go, finally someone had found me. Some disgruntled boyfriend is here to beat me up. Luckily, it turned out to be Leyla's jealous boyfriend, who found the situation suspicious. He didn't seem to happy about leaving her with me (I'm not surprised). Somehow I managed to get the guy to leave, and once he did it was on! Free get on with my business of getting my cock inside her tight little pussy. It turned out that Leyla was happy to get rid of him. I knew it would have to be a quick session because it was only a matter of time before Zsolt (her boyfriend) started getting suspicious about what we were getting up to. It didn't take long before she was moistening my cock with her tongue, and pandering my balls with her chin. I laid her down on my desk and started drilling with all my mite. It was a great session, and I'd almost forgotten about her boyfriend until the end when the doorbell rang. He was not happy, whisking Leyla away. As it happens, she told him after we'd fucked. He's been hanging around my office lately no doubt intending to take a swipe at me. Time to relocate I think, last thing I need is a crazy jealous boyfriend on my back.

November 10, 2011
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