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Cute Student Cheats on Boyfriend For Cash

Kristina (43mins) This timid twenty two year old student made my heart beat like a broken clock. Her breasts were magnificent, they were so perky and hard, and her vivid pink neon pussy made me quiver with excitement. She was very interested when I gave her my spiel about work in the adult industry. I think it's because she was in desperate need of a good fucking. A little voice inside her seemed to be screaming out 'fuck me till I feel like a woman again'. Naturally, I rose to the occasion, it would have been rude not to. I managed to get a few queefs out of her which is always a bonus, but she wasn't much of a mover which meant I had to do most of the pumping. There was something ghostly about her appearance, but it didn't take long before I fucked her cadaverous features back from the spirit world and into reality. I'll probably get an angry call from her boyfriend telling me he wants my blood, but I don't care, he can join the queue.

September 17, 2011
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