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Gorgeous Redhead Rocks Agent's Cock n Balls

Denisa (36mins) A beautiful 23-year-old redhead (yes, a genuine freckle face!) who had pale creamy skin, delightfully plump natural tits and delicate pink nipples. She had some girl-girl only modelling experience and seemed to be quite intelligent, probing me and asking how long I had been an agent in the business, who I knew and things like this, but I held my ground. She told me she had plans for the future but wouldn't offer details. My guess is that she wants to be an agent, it's a shame she doesn't realise how easy it is! I should tell her my secrets and let her in on my Fake Agent manifesto, she could have her pussy eaten everyday! I wasn't sure how far I could push her because she didn't like the cameras filming her, but I convinced her it was essential and promised her that no one would ever see this video, especially her boyfriend, because she was very worried about this. I was disappointed that despite my efforts she wouldn't let me put my cock inside her, but she did make me come with her hand after she was satisfied that it would help progress her plans for a big career. I have a picture of her naked body covered in my cum as my desktop.

September 6, 2011
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