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Cutie Enjoys A Deep Cock Fucking

Alena (49mins) I like chubby girls, I don't think there is anything wrong with being plump. Maybe a real casting agent would be looking for fit skinny girls for their model agency but I am not a fussy man! I'll eat almost anything, I also have a bit appetite! This girl was 25 years old and she's a teacher! I won't say what city because I feel a weird vibe from her emails to me and I don't want her boyfriend of five years coming to break my face. He had no idea what his committed, wholesome girlfriend was doing this day. If he sees this site and doesn't want to watch the video I'll break it down for him: gobbling my junk, getting her fat wet pussy filled with my cock (she said the dildo was too small for her,) having her ass fucked, and taking multiple wads of my spunk over her pretty face. Why would she do this to him? I can probably tell you that too: she's saving for an apartment and the teaching job doesn't pay enough, oh and she's also a filthy cumdumpster who's craving for cock outweighs the boredom of being faithful. She wants to be a porn star? Well lets see if I can make her one! Watch in this casting how she starts off happy and laughing and then as the realisation of what she is doing takes over she becomes more and more pissed!

August 29, 2011
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