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Blonde Beauty Looks Great With A Dick In Her Mouth

Katerina (52mins) I'm in love. Ok, I'm over it. Kat is a beautiful 25-year-old girl who fucked like a rabbit and had a pussy like molten liquid honey. Her smiles and kisses made me guilty. For a second. As a single girl working in a bar in Prague she would probably be really good for porn, especially with her appetite for cock! The way she sucked was incredible, her warm mouth and soft tongue had my cock twitching and my balls pumping. My cum shot was going to be big and I wanted to mark her as my own. It took a little bit of work to convince her I was a legitimate model agent but I think the idea of traveling to beautiful islands to make big porno movies was enough for her, she was naked and on her knees ready to do what she had to. I loved having sex with her, with my cock deep inside her I could feel her whole body tighten and milk me from her tail. She's tried to contact me many times since she did this casting, the last messages I had were not nice. I masturbated to them while re-watching this video.

August 7, 2011
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