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Super Skinny model fucks for a job - Fakeagent

Super Skinny model fucks for a job

Karina (40 mins) Karina is a skinny blonde babe who's looking to make big money by using her looks and her body. She told me that she would like some jobs and I said that with her height and beauty she could go far. She found us on the internet and was very keen to have a casting interview.... I got her to take her clothes off so I could see her shape and she had some very sexy tattoos on her legs so I thought that she could be interested in doing something a little more than just pictures. I explained to her that I could give her a very good job if she was willing to do something a little extra for me... After some thought she was willing to give it a shot. We fucked hard on the couch and I ended up spunking all over her juicy pussy.

January 2, 2016
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